We found the best 
place in the world for raising tilapia and 
we are about to make it even better.

Over the years, China, Vietnam, and other countries have become major production centers for farmed tilapia. But instead of following their footsteps, we wanted to find a location as preserved as possible, where crystal clear waters and a clean environment by far exceed what has become the norm for today’s typical tilapia production.

How else could we produce the perfect tilapia?

We found our ideal location in Três Lagoas, an extremely preserved setting in South Central Brazil, on the Paraná River. With the Jupiá Dam not only assuring a water supply of sufficient quantity but also of impeccable quality, our site selection couldn’t be better. In addition to water quality and supply, we have found a place with the best climatological factors: temperature, rainfall, sunshine hours as well as wind speed and direction are all factors which strongly underline the selection of this unique location in Três Lagoas.

Furthermore, the location is highly accessible, enabling us to smoothly operate our business in a very cost-effective way and to seamlessly export the perfect tilapia to the world.

Our fish swim in large floating nets and against the water currents of the Paraná River, just like in the wild. We do not use any additives, chemicals, antibiotics or growth hormones to make them grow faster.

The way we grow our fish and operate our business improves the lives of where we are. We provide great jobs to the men and women of Três Lagoas, who are as eager to join Tilabras as they are committed to sustaining the beauty of their unspoiled natural surroundings.