Our Mission

At Tilabras, we are dedicated to providing the world with nothing less than the perfect tilapia. And by doing so, we will become the world’s most innovative provider of tilapia.

Grown in the pristine waters of the Paraná River, eating the best feed harvested close to our site and processed directly on the riverbank, we are proud to produce what is simply the perfect tilapia.

Creating the perfect tilapia also means that our entire operation is built on the idea of sustainability — from how we treat our fish, manage our operations and engage with our environment, to how we provide quality jobs and create a dedicated workforce. All of this contributes to making the Tilabras mission a reality.

We take our role as an ecological guardian very seriously, and know that we must live up to that responsibility on a daily basis: in every process we perform, in every action we take to improve the efficiency of our facilities as well as the safety and well being of our employees.

This is Tilabras’ mission: to produce the perfect tilapia, the fish that is as satisfying to eat as it is representative of a better world for all.