We’re not just raising tilapia,
we’re raising the standards
of raising tilapia.

We are committed to raising our fish in a healthy environment because it makes a difference in fish health – and, ultimately, in your health. There are cheaper ways to raise tilapia, however doing so would not be acceptable to us because it would not be acceptable to you.

At Tilabras, we recognise that there are many easier, cheaper, and faster ways to raise tilapia.

But we’re not interested in any of them.

We know where and how our fish have been swimming, we know about the impeccable water quality and thus can be assured that our fish do not contain any pollutants. At Tilabras, we don’t use growth hormones, preservatives or chemicals during any stage of production. Our state of the art processes ensure purity, which in turn assures us that our fish are safe and healthy for all our consumers.

There’s simply no better way to produce tilapia – that’s why we call it the perfect tilapia.