At Tilabras,
we strive to treat the environment
with the utmost care.

Our aim is to provide the world with the perfect tilapia. The best way to achieve this is to respect the environment and operate using the most innovative methods, procedures and practices available.

We at Tilabras earn our living by producing high-quality fish. And we do so with a full commitment to keeping our surroundings as untouched as possible. Our respect for the environment is as significant for the production of the perfect tilapia as anything else about our company is.

At Tilabras, we are committed to caring for the environment, not only at the places where our fish are raised and farmed, but far beyond this too. We work closely with communities, organizations and the government in the areas where our fish are raised here in Brazil. To respect – or even improve – the environmental health of the region we operate in, we perform all relevant actions towards that end. 

As clean, natural water is as vital to our business as it is for ecological balance, we are determined to prevent any waste of this precious resource during any part of our fishing and processing operations. State of the art technology allows us to do just that.

Our tilapia is perfect because of the way we raise and process them for you. You can be assured that Tilabras tilapia is the most sustainable alternative to wild-caught fish there is.