Tilabras, tilapia, simply
the perfect tilapia.

When people all over the world taste the delicious Tilabras tilapia, they experience much more than a tasty, healthy fish. What they are enjoying is a tilapia that is produced in one of Brazil’s most ideal natural settings, with crystal clear waters fed by the Paraná River, the second longest river in South America.

Our tilapia are raised in deep, fresh waters where they can feed on a unique and highly beneficial diet based on harvested crops grown in the same region such as corn and soy. Unlike other producers, Tilabras never uses fishmeal containing tilapia. This is another way we ensure that our fish thrive only on ingredients that are best for their – and your – health.

Even the way our fish is processed is superior: Our state of the art processing facilities, immediately adjacent to the Paraná River, allow us to avoid long truck journeys from the places they are grown to the site where they are processed. The equation is simple – less stress for our fish means a superior product for our consumers.

Every stage of our production process is performed by our own Tilabras employees, who are among the most appreciated in the entire industry. Everybody is covered by health insurance and additionally offered complementary vocational training.

That’s why, no matter where in the world it is served, we call Tilabras tilapia the perfect tilapia.