we think different

A natural way of tilapia farming

«It’s a privilege to work where you feel at home. Tilabras is definitely home for me!»

Kim Floriano Boscaine, Head of Animal Health Tilabras

The world population will grow by two billion over the next three decades. As a consequence, we must produce significantly more food by 2050. But global marine life has already declined by a staggering 50 percent, as we take fish out of the oceans faster than the oceans can replenish them.

In addition, land-based meat production is not sustainable, as raising livestock emits more CO2 than all the power plants in the world combined. The only option to meet the future demand for animal protein in a responsible way lies in smart aquafarming.

At Tilabras, we truly believe that the current way of aquafarming is not sustainable, and does not produce a superior fish in terms of taste and texture. We think different.

Tilabras helps to BUILD A BETTER WORLD

We are an ambitious team of entrepreneurs, scientists and farmers passionately committed to providing better choices for consumers, employees and the environment.

We care about how we raise our fish, as much as we care about our employees. By doing so, we continuously invest in our employees and their communities, which leads to the prosperity of both the company and its staff members.


Be honest: Do you prefer eggs from free-range chicken, or eggs from chicken raised in battery cages with no daylight?

We think the same. For our animals’ well-being, we are not interested in the fastest way to raise tilapia – only in the best way. To raise our healthy and tasty fish, there is nothing better than nature: plenty of fresh water, a lot of space to swim, and the natural rhythm of sunrise and sunset.

This is what we call free-range tilapia.

our Feed

Millions of tons of fish are caught in the wild every year to produce fishmeal and fish oil, just to feed the fish in aquafarms. Obviously, there are better, more sustainable and even healthier alternatives.

At Tilabras, our fish feed is made of grain, sourced from committed small farmers located around our farm. This provides our fish a fully sustainable diet, but also lowers the CO2 footprint.

No growth hormones, no additives

Our fish are raised naturally, free of antibiotics and chemicals. Like fish in the wild, they swim against water currents, but in a perfect environment.

The low density in our large floating pens grants them a comfortable range of motion and ensures that they are never stressed. Excellent growth rates and a very low mortality are the best proof for the well-being of our fish.

Environmentally friendly and socially responsible

Since the foundation of Tilabras in 2015, we have continually raised the standards by which our tilapia is farmed. Sustainability is not a buzzword for us – we live it every day. As we are convinced that more can be done, we are a trusted partner of the Global Aquaculture Alliance’s Best Aquaculture Practices (GAA/BAP) to further increase the focus on animal well-being and sustainable aquaculture operations.