How it all began 

Global farming experience, local implementation


Growing up on a farm in Brazil, Nicolas Landolt has always been convinced by the country’s rich natural and agricultural resources: abundant water resources, low-priced feed, a strong domestic market, and highly specialized logistics infrastructure for export. Brazil is uniquely positioned to meet the growing demand for fish, like no other country.

Nicolas teamed up in 2015 with Rudi Lamprecht, the legendary tilapia pioneer and founder of Regal Springs. They found a location like no other in the world for tilapia farming – plenty of fresh water, a perfect temperature range across the entire year, lots of oxygen, and the possibility of onsite processing.

Additionally, Nicolas convinced some of the most seasoned industry experts to join. Today, Tilabras counts on decades of experience in tilapia farming, with a team coming from the most renowned tilapia farms in the world.

Successful start, promising future

After establishing Tilabras in 2015, the company successfully secured the license to farm 100,000 metric tons of tilapia per year and build-up farming operations.

Today, Tilabras farms thousands of metric tons of fresh tilapia, benefitting from the outstanding water conditions the Paraná River offers. As the fish constantly swim in the natural flow of water, they are healthier and grow faster – making Tilabras one of Brazil’s most competitive aquafarms.

Tilabras continues to expand its fish farming and processing capacities step by step, with care for nature, but also with a strong focus on cost leadership.

Our strategy is to build vertically integrated operations combining hatchery, feed production, farming and processing – on the banks of the Paraná river, in one single location.