WE go the extra mile

Vertically integrated aquafarming ensures 100% traceabilty

«We are driven by an inner desire for excellence. Tilabras is growing tilapia based on expertise from seasoned aquaculture professionals, respect for people, and love for the environment.»

Nicolas Landolt, CEO Tilabras

Statement from the founder & CEO

fully integrated production


For our animals’ well-being, we are not interested in the fastest way to raise tilapia – only in the best way. We are constantly innovating and improving our fish farming and management processes. By controlling the entire life cycle from egg to harvest, we ensure that our tilapia are raised with utmost care. And by processing our fish directly at the farming site, we avoid long truck journeys across rough roads. Our revolutionary farming system guarantees less stress – resulting in a premium product for consumers.

we run our own breeding program

Not all fish are the same – that’s why we have our own broodstock, and that’s why we produce our fingerlings directly at our farm.

The better our fish are adapted to the local climate, the healthier they are – and the faster they grow. That’s why we invest in our own breeding program, in a close partnership with a fish genetics global leader.

Fish farming
we design & build our own floating pens

More space to swim means a healthier, happier fish. That’s why our engineering team designed & built the largest tilapia floating pens in the world.

Today, we have 30 floating pens in the water, and every month we add a few more. Our customers can’t wait to buy more healthy fish from us!

Fish Processing
you know who prepared your fillet

By processing our fish directly at the farming site, we avoid long truck journeys across rough roads. This reduces the stress for our fish substantially and takes animal wellbeing seriously.

In our processing plant, we track & trace each fish. We know from which cage the fish comes from, who processed it and who packed it. We have nothing to hide.

Feed Mill
we want to know what our fish eat

Feed not only makes 70% of the cost of a farmed fish, it also plays a crucial role on the wellbeing.

We love to develop our own feed formulation, source grain from local farmers, and produce highly digestable feed you can’t source openly.

Tilabras is different – from every angle.